5G now two leaps forward to becoming a UK reality.

5G now two leaps forward to becoming a UK reality

26th Feb 2018

In the past month, promising headway has been made towards paving the way for the next generation of mobile connectivity - 5G.

Recent news that an operators attempt to add further delay to the 5G auction process had failed in the court of appeal and has been a greatly welcomed decision by many in the sector.

As well as this Mark Evans, CEO of Telefonica UK (O2), has been pleased to unveil plans to build a 5G testbed at The O2, to be switched on later this year.

Mark recently posted on LinkedIn “It means we’ll be putting a 5G experience in the hands of the public up to two years ahead of the commercial roll out of 5G in the UK - all inside the most popular entertainment venue in the world.”

Recently Mark has made no secret of the fact that he is passionate about bringing this technology to Britain and is a firm believer in mobile being one of the biggest opportunities for Britain to strengthen its economy and support society as a whole.

He added “We’re going to use the network to test different equipment and try out lots of potential use cases for 5G under live conditions. We’ll also be gathering feedback from customers and partners to make sure that when it comes to a full roll out of 5G that we’re building the very best service possible.”

People are starting to ask ‘what is 5G for’ the O2 trials will prove to be an over the coming years to explain to businesses and customers what will be possible.  The same questions were asked in 2011 about 4G, and the country has come a long way since.

This news comes after another strong year at O2, a success owed to a relentless focus on delivering a differentiated customer experience and resulting in maintaining O2’s position as the UK mobile operator with the highest customer loyalty and satisfaction.

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