Apple are working on person to person payment services.

Apple are working on person to person payment services

20th Nov 2015

Apple are levelling up in their quest to prove they are serious about capturing as much of the global mobile payments market as possible. Their latest venture is person to person payments much like the Venom Paypal service with the added benefit of being a service native to Apple's mobile devices.
Apple pay person to person
News of this latest move was first reported in Wednesdays edition of the Wall Street Journal who speculated that the service could become available sometime in 2016 following talks with banks familiar with the matter.
Person to person payment with Venom has proven to be a popular option for many of the iPhones younger users and for this reason is seen as a good fit for Apple. This is a technology then that could soon be seen in a range of Apple devices from the iPhone to Apple Watch. 

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