BBC crack down on users accessing iPlayer using VPN.

BBC crack down on users accessing iPlayer using VPN

20th Oct 2015

The BBC have started cracking down on users accessing their iPlayer service using a VPN . One of the many uses of a VPN is to mask a users location so BBC fans worldwide have been leveraging VPN services like Hola to gain access for services intended for UK use only. These users will see the error message “BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only” if they attempt to access this way.

BBC iplayer not available with VPN

A BBC spokesperson has said that it “regularly makes updates to our technology to help prevent access to BBC iPlayer from outside the UK, which breaks our terms of use.”

The broadcaster has previously been a supporter of the use of a VPN and as recently as July had published instructions to access iPlayer with a VPN via a Raspberry Pi.

It is unclear why the BBC have shifted their view on the use of a VPN but this move is ahead of the launch of the iPlayer as a paid streaming service in the US, expected some time in the near future.

Services like IPVanish are claiming that their service can bypass the block but this is not expected to last long.

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