Boost performance of your Mac Book with these latest must have accessories.

Boost performance of your Mac Book with these latest must have accessories

16th Nov 2015

For anyone who has just got hold of the latest 12 inch Mac Book it may seem that Apple made a bit of an oversight having included just one USB-C port available leaving behind the classic 3 USB-A design that many Mac Book users have become accustomed to.

As a solution the Satechi company have come up with their new type-C Hub adapter turning the type-C hub back into the classic design as well as including an SD and micro SD card slot.


Further ways to boost the performance of the Mac Book for the Air model is a new TarDisk Pear SD slot card which unlike the existing counterpart on the market will actually merge with the Mac Books SSD drive creating a single hybrid drive with extra storage and improved file management.

This moves the need to manage a pair of storage devices and tricks the inbuilt SSD into thinking it has way more storage capacity at it’s disposal and allowing a more even distribution of media files among them once the point is reached that this is needed.

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