BT told by Ofcom to open up cable network to rivals.

BT told by Ofcom to open up cable network to rivals

25th Feb 2016

The communications watchdog Ofcom have told BT they must allow competition by opening up its cable network.

So far the Ofcom have not demanded a complete break-up of BT but still consider this to be an option as they strive to achieve improvement to UK broadband connections. Ofcom says that there is a digital divide and proposes decent, universal broadband is a universal right.

BT have welcomed the move and says it is happy to allow other companies to use its network if they are key to invest.

Rival providers such as Sky, Vodafone and Talk Talk who pay for access to the infrastructure say that BT have underinvested in Open reach and this has lead to disruptions in service.

Ofcom said in a statement: "Openreach needs to change, taking its own decisions on budget, investment and strategy, in consultation with the wider industry".

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