Communicate across language barriers with new Skype Translator.

Communicate across language barriers with new Skype Translator

2nd Oct 2015

Skype Translator is a new feature of Skype bringing people closer together by helping them to communicate across language barriers. With nearly any Skype-enabled device, Skype Translator allows users to make video or voice call and have their conversations translated in real time.

Skype Translator

To get started with Skype Translator Skype users only need to make a small adjustment to their setting and are then able to simply make a call and start talking, Skype translator will listen to the speaker and read back in the listeners chosen language.

Skype Translator is available in English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish in calls. For those using text based chat 50 messaging languages are available to them.

See Skype Translator in use:

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