Could the iPhone 7 Include a Parachute System for Drop Protection.

Could the iPhone 7 Include a Parachute System for Drop Protection

4th Dec 2015

A new concept video for the iPhone 7 shows how the next generation of the popular smartphone could work to protect itself from damage caused by an accidental drop. The technology appears to work using a system of valves and nozzles releasing gas when the devices internal sensors (the accelerometer and orientation sensors) detect the device is falling.

The idea re-imagines an earlier previous apple patient for protection cushions in the corners of the screen that activate when sensing a fall. 

Neither features have been confirmed by Apple as forming part of the feature list for their next update, this concept  released by Sonitdac  is based on patents and technologies leaders in the industry are know to have had involvement with and falls firmly in the rumours and concepts category for now.

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