Create eye catching social posts in 30 seconds with Pablo, no design skills necessary.

Create eye catching social posts in 30 seconds with Pablo, no design skills necessary

19th Oct 2015

Buffer, the social media sharing and scheduling service, have introduced Pablo, a quick and supremely easy way to create eye catching images for your social media marketing right from your browser.

One of the best ways to attract more interest to your social media posts is to add an attention grabbing images, achieving this is not always as straight forward as it needs to be in the fast moving world of social media marketing. This makes Pablo's promise of engaging social images in 30 seconds very attractive indeed. You will of course need to be prepared with the text content of your tweet and if desired your company logo.

The advantage of using Pablo over image editing software like photoshop is how well Pablo focuses on it’s primary purpose of social media marketing. Unlike typical image editing software there is no steep learning curve as all popular sizes for social media platforms - like twitter and Facebook - are available at a click and all essentials tools are accessible from a single page. Anything that could get in the way is simply not included.

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