End to End encryption makes WhatsApp a whole lot more secure.

End to End encryption makes WhatsApp a whole lot more secure

6th Apr 2016

For WhatsApp users concerned about the security of messages sent over the messaging service, all they need to do is download the latest update for the new end to end encryption feature. The updates are available for all WhatsApp users regardless of device.

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A notification in the app will alert users when their messages are fully encrypted with a lock icon as well as a lock icon appearing in the chat preferences section.

The feature has been in development for some time with WhatsApp working alongside Open Whisper Systems, a group specialising in encrypting messaging platforms.

The WhatsApp founder Jan Klum, writing on the WhatsApp blog, noted encryption is "one of the most important tools governments, companies, and individuals have to promote safety and security in the new digital age."

This reflects the increasing importance of encryption subject for major tech companies following the very public battle between Apple and the FBI.

Facebook, Google, and Snapchat also are said have their own plans to improve the security of their messaging software.

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