Facebook Overtaken by Google for King of Advertising Title.

Facebook Overtaken by Google for King of Advertising Title

18th Jan 2016

The final quarter report from Ignition One has revealed the last trends in digital advertising and key findings show surprising results for Google and Facebook.

Data from 2015 shows that Facebook has been passed by Google for growth and conversions. in this final quarter period Google gained an increase of 37% of programmatic display advertising as well as a 37% inc while Facebook saw a lesser increase of 22% in growth and 17% in conversions.

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Further findings from the data reveal consistent growth in line with the past several years 18% increase year on year. Less expected finding show that impressions have increased in the final quarter as Q3 saw impressions drop by 21%. An overall impressions gain of 7% marks a steady and consistent rise each year for Google.

These increases can be explained by a rise in Google Partner Network activity and a shift in displaying shopping ads in a carousel format. However while this has increased overall impressions it has also resulted in a drop in CPC (click per growth) of 21%, a trend hitting mobile advertising in particular.

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