Latest version of Evernote unveiled for Windows.

Latest version of Evernote unveiled for Windows

20 October 2017

New updates for Evernote have been brought to Windows users. Updates that the makers of the popular note making software tell us are in keeping with its current uniqueness and ease of use for capturing what is important to you and will provide an all round better experience.

The update they say “ builds upon the foundational strengths that make Evernote great"

Evernote is a first-class note taking application available for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android Devices. It’s an app used by our digital/CRM team daily and we defiantly recommend giving a try:

Improvements include:

Intuitive sidebar navigation

Evernote goal is to provide an experience that feels natural and familiar for Windows users. They began by paring down the left sidebar for a more streamlined workflow, so you can find and manage your content even faster.

Slimline sidebar option

In this update, they have introduced the option to collapse the left sidebar into a thin navigation strip—ideal for when you need that little extra bit of working space.

Separate tabs for business and personal use

Evernote Business users will see a noticeable change in the arrangement of their content. Previously, personal and business notes, notebooks, tags, and shortcuts existed together within their individual sections, and it wasn’t always obvious which type of content you were looking at. Evernote addressed the ambiguity in their latest version.

evernote tabs

Smarter search

You’ll notice that the search bar sits at a new, more natural place on top of the Note List, closer to your results. Now when you perform a search, Evernote will suggest narrowing down to specific notebooks and introduce parameters to refine or broaden the breadth of your search.

More improvements include: - colourful ways to organise text, quicker navigation, jump to notes and responsive formatting.

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