Microsoft joins its old rival Linux Foundation.

Microsoft joins its old rival Linux Foundation

18th Nov 2016

Microsoft  has now joined the Linux Foundation offering financial support of $500,000 (£400,000). The Linux Foundation promotes the open-source OS amongst businesses and developers and includes Google, Facebook and Samsung as its other platinum members.

microsoft joins linux foundation

Microsoft and Linux have not always been on such friendly terms. In 2001 then Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer described the platforms as a cancer that attaches itself to everything it touches in an intellectual sense.

In more recent times the digital landscape has changed meaning, as noted by ZDNET tech blog "It's only on the desktop that Microsoft is still omnipresent.

The future of Microsoft and open source

The move shows Microsoft recognises the prevalence of Linux in the online world. Now that Windows has changed its priorities with a heavy focus on cloud computing it is an inescapable fact that Linux is everywhere in a world of servers, supercomputers and cloud. Microsoft, therefore, appear to have embraced change to continue to make money in the changing landscape.

With the shift in priorities, Microsofts Scott Guthrie said "they want to help developers achieve more and capitalise on the industry's shift towards cloud-first and mobile-first experiences. By collaborating with the community to provide open, flexible and intelligent tools and cloud services, we're helping every developer deliver unprecedented levels of innovation"

From the Linux foundation their executive director of the Linux Foundation, Jim Zemlin said “Microsoft has grown and matured in its use of and contributions to open-source technology. Membership is an important step for Microsoft, but also for the open-source community at large, which stands to benefit from the company's expanding range of contributions."

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