Modern Cloud Adoption Trends Revealed in New Study.

Modern Cloud Adoption Trends Revealed in New Study

21st Jan 2016

A new survey of 1,500 IT professionals by BetterCloud has revealed the extent of the shift in the way the cloud has been changing the way businesses and IT teams operate.

The data has revealed that 61% of organisations that have started in the past year have begun their operations in the cloud and that working in the cloud has changed the structure and responsibilities for 59% of the IT professionals surveyed.

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Many businesses are considering moving all their data to the cloud although smaller business with less that 1000 employees are more likely to make the move with 51% expecting to move all their systems to the cloud by 2020 compared to 32% of larger businesses and 21% of enterprises.

The average age of employees of a business is also a factor in predicting trends with businesses with employee populations of 18 - 25 expecting to have five cloud apps in 2017 and businesses with employee 35 - 45 expect to have 15 by 2017.

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