Multi-year registration for .UK domains from 1 May 2012.

Multi-year registration for .UK domains from 1 May 2012

25th Nov 2011

Nominet have now announced multi year registration for all .uk domains that include:




Normally you can only registrar or renew a domain for 2 years at a time. This will give registrars the opportunity to offer a more flexible package for .uk domain names.

This means from May 2012, the wholesale fee (for Nominet members) for a 1 year registration will be £3.50 (+VAT), two years will stay the same at £5 (+VAT), with each additional year costing £2.50 (+VAT).

This price will be higher to end-users but still gives them the flexibility to renew or registrar domains for longer or shorter periods.

Nominet consulted with its members and the wider domain name community to ensure their views on whether and how to bring in flexible registrations were taken into account. The consultation showed that the majority of the registrar community supported its introduction.

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