Sage 50 Payroll with Automated Payslips.

Sage 50 Payroll with Automated Payslips

14th Mar 2018

Are you tired of constant paper jams, or printing and searching for missing payslips? Are employees having trouble accessing their payslips online – or is your manager asking you to look at ways to reduce costs?

We know managing payslips can be both time consuming and a hassle and at Sage we’re always looking at ways to help speed up and ease your payroll processes, which is why we have reduced the burden of payslip production to a single click.

Find out how you will benefit from automated payslips

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How will it benefit employees?

• It’s convenient - with 24/7 anywhere/anytime access to their payslips

• They won’t need an email address so everyone can benefit

• You can quickly and easily access their historic payslips

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