Samsung announce event for their new Galaxy S7.

Samsung announce event for their new Galaxy S7

1st Feb 2016

Last autumn we kept you up to date with the industry rumours for the upcoming Galaxy S7 and soon we will be able to tell you if any those rumours are true as Samsung have now sent invitations to their ‘Unpacked’ event.

galaxy s7

The event taking place on 21st February in Barcelona, Spain will be one day ahead of the Mobile World Conference in the same city and will follow tradition of releasing information on new products with similar events in 2015 and 2014 just before or at the start of MWC.

Among the many rumours there are many that indicate the physical appearance of the Galaxy S7 will be very much like the Galaxy S6

it is also expected that the S7 will be released in two models with differences in processor speeds and camera quality. Water resistance and a pressure sensitive screen may also feature in the devices.

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