Samsung now appears to be attempting to block parody videos of exploding Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung now appears to be attempting to block parody videos of exploding Galaxy Note 7

21st Oct 2016

In recent weeks several parody videos have been produced depicting the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone image replacing explosives in several well know movie scenes and games. This follows the debacle surrounding the exploding device.

One example being a modification to the popular Grand Theft Auto V where an explosive is replaced with an image of what looks like the Galaxy Note 7, the gamer then throws the device rather than the explosive. Another parody video depicts a scene from the 2007 Spider-Man 3 movie again with the device replacing an explosive. 

samsung galaxy note 7 copyright

The parody has proven popular on social media and widely shared especially amongst those who follow gaming and humour news sources. The videos are now showing a copyright infringement notification.

Samsung has now appeared to attempt to block the embarrassing parody with some YouTube channel owners - hosting the video - reporting that their videos have now been blocked or restrictions have been placed on their accounts.

Critics of the move have warned that trying to block gamers' videos will only draw more negative attention to Samsung.

The BBC, investigating, have requested that Samsung comments on the situation and are yet to receive a response.

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