Samsung release news on Siri killer to be included in its next batch of phones.

Samsung release news on Siri killer to be included in its next batch of phones

15th Nov 2016

Samsung has announced they are working on introducing a digital assistant for their next batch of flagship phones the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note8. Samsung will work with the developers behind Siri at Viv Labs, the founders of which made the digital assistant Siri which was acquired by Apple in 2010.

galaxy 8

The announcement in relation to the Galaxy 8 range comes at a time that is well before Samsung would normally generate interest in an upcoming device. This is partly related to the Samsung Galaxy Note7 Fiasco and partly due to Samsung allowing the owners of the Note7 in some markets to replace their device for an advance discount.

Samsung has not yet given any specific details about the capabilities of their digital assistant but has confirmed this will open to third party developers. The announcement was expected after the company acquired Viv labs in October. This will heat up the competition between smartphone manufacturers to create the smartest digital assistant joining Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon to additional strong contenders.

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