Samsung to start selling refurbished phones next year.

Samsung to start selling refurbished phones next year

23rd Aug 2016

If you're looking to purchase a Samsung phone you may find soon you are able to do so at a fraction of the cost as Samsung is set to launch a refurbished phone program as early as next year. This information was reported by Reuters citing"a person with direct knowledge of the matter."

Samsung to sell refurbished phones

The program will refurbish high-end devices owned by customers who have upgraded and returned their device to Samsung. Devices will then be resold at a lower price. A number of discount customers may benefit from is unclear and Samsung is declining to comment on a program before it has been officially announced.

Growth in the mobile phone market may be stagnating but the phone giant Samsung has weathered the storm well and with programs such as this and releasing high-end phones like the Galaxy Note 7 they intend to sustain their current earnings momentum. Last month they reported the strongest earnings in the past two years and a refurbishment program would help maintain this trend by making more money on each phone they manufacture.

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