Smart ATM technology set to reduce waiting time and improve security.

Smart ATM technology set to reduce waiting time and improve security

25th Sep 2015

In the near future you could be using your smartphone to start your ATM banking transactions while waiting in line.

Already in trial by major USA banks the technology known as 'pre-staging' is set to drastically cut waiting time at the machines and improve security by eventually eliminating the need for a debit card. In turn this will help prevent fraudsters from stealing  debit card information by attaching skimmers to the machines.

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Pre-staging allows ATM customers to start off their transaction on their smartphone as they wait in line or any time before visiting the bank itself. Banking customers will even be able to set up their transaction the on an evening ready for the next day right from the comfort of their sofa.

The technology will work by generating a code number or barcode that the ATM will be able to scan right from your smartphone. The method of generating this code may vary from bank to bank but those planning to implement this technology all share the same vision of improved customer experience and improved security. 

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