The CAT S61 a device suited to the 2020 workforce.

20th May 2020

The Cat S61 is a smartphone designed to reflect the changing priorities of a 2020 workforce.

Integrated thermal imaging technology allows users to screen people from a safe distance and help identify those who may need further medical assistance and testing.

Useful in wide-ranging environments from small shops and offices to stadiums and transport networks. 

The devices thermal camera is capable of visualising heat that is invisible to the naked eye, as well as highlighting temperature contrasts right through obscurants such as smoke. Surface temperatures can be measured from a distance of 50 to 100 feet. Features which open up many use cases in the beyond health monitoring needs of current times and into the trades it was specifically designed for.

Like it predecessor the CATS61 has been designed specifically as a tool for tradespeople, however, the device would be useful for anybody looking for a dependable smartphone with useful features beyond the norm such as a VOC indoor air quality meter and humidity sensor. 

Extra tough Gorilla Glass 5 and casing made from strengthened die-cast aluminium are the materials of this device.

Reason to buy the CAT S61

* Android 8.0 Oreo
* Snapdragon 630 octa-core processor
* 5.2” Full HD display with wet-finger & glove support & toughened Gorilla Glass 5
* IP68 & MIL Spec 810G - waterproof to 3m & drop-proof to 1.8m
* IP69K rated for high-pressure water & steam jets
* Reinforced die-cast aluminium frame
* Optimised battery performance (4,500 mAh)
* 16MP main camera with 4K recording, 8MP front-facing camera
* 64GB storage / 4GB RAM / MicroSD / DUAL SIM
* Updated FLIR thermal camera with laser-assisted area & distance measurement
* VOC indoor air quality and humidity sensor
* Additional Cat Toolbox apps
* DUAL SIM (HYBRID - 2x Nano SIM OR 1x nano SIM & 1x microSD)

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