Vodafone customers are the least satisfied in the UK.

Vodafone customers are the least satisfied in the UK

8th May 2018

A new report by Ofcom has found that Vodafone customers are the least satisfied in the UK when measuring customer satisfaction.

The report produced by Ofcom for the benefit of consumers looking to make informed choices when deciding on an operator. It found that customer satisfaction across the majority of operators is particularly high with an industry average of 91%. 

Vodaphone measured poorly against this with an 88% customer satisfaction rating. Meanwhile, O2 was ahead of this average scoring 92%.

This will be a disappointing result for Vodafone who just last month, for the 7th year running, were named by consumer watchdog Which? as the worst mobile operator.

Vodaphone continued to perform badly for customer complaints with just 47% of thier customers reporting feeling satisfied with how Vodafone handled their complaints.

Ofcom Consumer Group Director Lindsey Fussell says “People often focus on price when they’re choosing a phone or broadband provider. But there are big differences in the customer service offered by providers. We’re encouraging people to look beyond the price and consider customer service too. In such a competitive market, companies simply can’t afford to let their service standards slip. If they don’t up their game, customers can vote with their feet.”

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