Facebook to disable in app chat, users will need to download separate chat app

Monday 6th of June 2016 in Mobiles by Kerry Owston

Facebook users wanting to send messages and chat in real time with their friends will soon be forced to download the messaging app if they have not done so already, as Facebook disables in-app messaging for mobiles and tablets.

Currently, the app will still allow Facebook users to continue using this feature, there is a notification warning users of the upcoming change that can be simply bypassed for now. Later this summer a complete conversion will take place forcing users to make the switch of give-up messaging altogether.

Facebook on Mobile

The official reason for this that Facebook has given is "the company wants to provide the best possible experience in messaging, and the Messenger app is the platform on which they’ve chosen to provide it — so to avoid confusion they’re consolidating everyone there”.

Facebook users have argued that many users of the Facebook app are unable to download the messenger app even if they wanted to as they do not have a compatible OS on their phone. As messenger is monetized some say Facebook are cutting a service that while valuable to users is not valuable to Facebook and will not to increase the growth of the monetized version.



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