The One Point Sponsors Haltemprice Dolphins Gala Medals.

12th Nov 2019

The One Point have recently sponsored medals awarded to swimmers with disabilities at The Haltemprice Dolphins Swimming Gala, held at The Haltemprice Leisure Centre.

For this event, Kerry Owston, our Marketing Executive and member of The One Point Foundation Committee, was invitied to present the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the race winners.

The Haltemprice Dolphins are a well-established community group for swimmers with disabilities, offering swimming and water activities with therapeutic value. They run an annual gala organised by a dedicated team of volunteers, which allows swimmers to compete together and socialise.

Swimmers taking part in the gala were of all age ranges, who had trained to take part in races such as 50m, freestyle and relay. The swimmers came from Haltemprice and Anlaby, as well as Beverley, Driffield and Goole.

Haltemprice Dolphins Gold Silver and Bronze

The One Point Foundation were made aware of The Haltemprice Dolphins through the Smile Foundation. Pictured are the relay winners of the event, presented with their cup. Also pictured, are the medals presented to all taking part.

Kerry said: "The Haltemprice Dolphins Gala is run by a dedicated team of volunteers who worked hard to make this day special for those taking part. Receiving the medals that were sponsored by The One Point Foundation meant a great deal to the swimmers taking part and I felt honoured to have the opportunity to be part of their special moment."

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