Winners of the December 2019 Payroll Raffle.

7th Jan 2020

The Payroll Raffle is an opportunity for The One Point team to show their support for The One Point Foundation, in return for the opportunity to win fantastic monthly prizes, with even bigger prizes given on a quarterly basis.

December's 1st place winner:

December's 1st place winner is IT Helpdesk Team Leader, Lewis Cook, who has been presented with a certificate for the 'Power Hour Friday', where Lewis gets to take 1 hour off his work day, every Friday in the month of January, or take a full afternoon off one Friday in the month of January. Congratulations Lewis!

Decembers 1st Place winner Payroll Raffle - The One Point

December's 2nd place winner:

December's 2nd place winner is Head of Public Sector, Dave Newton, who has won a bottle of Prosecco. Congratulations Dave!

Decembers 2nd Place winner Payroll Raffle - The One Point

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