EE & O2 RPI News.

EE & O2 RPI News

20 October 2017

What is happening? .... from EE & O2:

You will see a 1.1% increase to your monthly price plan on any bills you receive from the 26th March 2015, if you joined or upgraded to a Pay Monthly plan, SIM Only plan, 4GEE Wifi / mobile broadband or Business contract between 26th March 2014 and the 10th February 2015 (new EE business plans released on the 28th January are exempt from this increase). This increase is in line with the Retail Price Index published by the Office for National Statistics on the 17th February 2015 and as specified in clause 7.1.4 of your Terms and Conditions. 

O2: Retail Price Index (RPI) and your Pay Monthly airtime tariff:

Each year, your Pay Monthly airtime tariff will be adjusted according to the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation. This rate is announced in February and your bill will be adjusted by this amount in April. RPI is a widely recognised measure of the general level of inflation and several industries use it as a guide on whether to adjust prices, as well as by how much. If you're on O2, RPI can impact your Pay Monthly tariff, including your O2 Refresh Airtime Plan (but not the Device Plan), your sim only tariff, standard tariff and mobile broadband tariff. For Business customers, RPI can impact all eligible mobile voice monthly line rental charges, mobile broadband tariffs and Pop Up Office tariffs. This year's RPI was published on 17 February and is 1.1%. If you joined or upgraded before 20 February 2015, we'll be sending you a message soon telling you about the adjustment and how it impacts your contract. If you joined or upgraded after this date, we'd have told you about it before you'd signed up.

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