Investment kicks-off footage on FC website.

Investment kicks-off footage on FC website

17th Jun 2008

Following the group aquisition of X-GF MEDIA, The One Point and Hull FC have launched the all new HULLFC.TV. The new official online TV channel of Hull FC will bring all the latest highlights, features and interviews directly to Hull FC fans via the web.

Darren Edwards, MD of X-GF Media described the new site as fantastic. He said: "It's not just the content, it's the quality.

"Hull FC have decided to embrace High-Definition and production. As far as high-definition is concerned, the UK is a bit behind other countries such as the US and France, so it is quite innovative of them."

KCFM have also partnered with TMP to provide match commentary for the online highlights for the 2008 season and full games on DVD, also produced by TMP MEDIA.

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