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3 Reasons Why You Need VoIP

Posted on May 05, 2016.

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Small businesses can benefit from VoIP systems

If you are a small business, then you may benefit from an easy method of communicating with customers and vice versa. Choosing a telephone system which your business can depend upon can be a tricky affair. The hassle is definitely something you could do without.

When it comes down to it you are faced with two options. The first is the traditional telephone system. Finally, the second option is the Voice over Internet Protocol. This system uses the internet to transfer your voice to the recipient as data. Ultimately you must choose the system which is the most appropriate for your business and the one which is most likely to get the job done.

The benefits of VoIP compared to traditional telephone systems are numerous. In this article, I will outline some of the lesser known benefits of a using a VoIP system and how it can benefit your business.

Phone Switches Are Gone

Previously running your business and using a traditional telephone system would require you to have a phone switch, a cupboard full of phone lines and the hardware it needs to operate. A technical support person would have to maintain the phone lines and fix the switch and offer support when the hardware went wrong. 

Not only can it be expensive for the upkeep of traditional phone systems, they are also slow and difficult to fix, systems could be down for quite a while before an engineer will be available to fix these systems.

However, with a VoIP the phone becomes the switch. The provider’s network will transmit voice data across the internet, thus eliminating the switch entirely.

Not only would this save you valuable office space but it gives you a host of features and assets which can be tricky to access using a traditional telephone system. For example, making calls from your PC or laptop and forwarding calls to you mobile phone. Features like these can be easy to add to a VoIP system.

Improved Remote Customer Support

Phone systems of yesteryear are supported by older companies built around legacy phone systems that are anywhere between 30 and 50 years old. These companies practice using business models which they employ were made for markets in the previous century. This can make it harder for your telephone system to respond to the needs of your business.

VoIP vendors are next-generation service providers, Using the most up-to-date systems as their foundations. They are more flexible providers and more suited to the ever changing and evolving market, especially in regards to technology, affording you a greater advantage.

VoIP providers often have internet based customer support, on top of over-the-phone help. Using VoIP can eliminate the need for technicians to visit and can greatly reduce any delays in problem-solving. Customers generally rate the speed and ease of setting up VoIP for their businesses. Another aspect which is highly praised is the quality of service compared to the norm in regards to traditional telephone system companies. With a capable network and an experienced provider, it can be as straightforward as plugging an Ethernet cable in your VoIP phone.

Greater User Friendliness

Struggling with call forwarding, forgetting passwords to access work voicemail remotely, are both things which get a lot easier using a VoIP system.

Traditional telecom providers offer these features however, they are often difficult to use, or tedious to setup. VoIP technology can integrate with systems you and your employees are already using. Management portals which are customizable to your business offer a simplified interface to administer your communication needs.

Call forwarding is a much simpler process, with integrated find-me, follow-me feature which allows your employees to receive incoming calls at different locations and on different phones.

 3 Reasons Why You Need VoIP

Some employers have found it to be more efficient to train a few employees to use the administrator features and then to have them provide instruction to the rest of the staff. The user-friendliness of VoIP systems is familiar with today’s values which agile workers have now come to expect.

With modern functionality, simple and easy-to-use features with enhanced customer support, VoIP is especially suited to the needs of the small business. VoIP systems are flexible enough to respond to the dynamic nature of your small business, and such an addition to your business will serve to bolster your communications and productivity in tandem with the systems you and your business already use. 

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