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4 ways Intel technology enhances Windows 10

Posted on Oct 05, 2015.

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Combine Intel with Windows and you have two key ingredients to change the entire computing landscape… and that’s just what they did.

Intel have released information and an infographic describing how they have contributed to the new Window 10, Microsoft’s latest OS and how they helped make it better.

Windows 10 touch screen

4 Ways Intel can be used to enhance Windows 10

Cortana - The virtual system Cortana is a smart and refreshing way to retrieve information, set reminders and much more.

Douglas W. Fisher, SVP and GM, Software and Services Group for Intel Corporation explains, “for platforms based on the new 6th Generation Intel Core processor family, Intel and Microsoft are enabling the keyword spotter algorithm, which listens for phrases like ‘Hey Cortana’ to be offloaded to a dual-core digital signal processor within the processor SoC. This offloading functionality, when available on Windows 10, will allow Cortana to continue listening for commands with improved energy efficiency”.

Windows Hello - unlock your desktop with USB fingerprint reader using realness camera technology

“Intel engineers developed software and protocols for the Intel RealSense camera to deliver a responsive and reliable Windows Hello experience. We analysed the end-to-end system and devised performance optimisations to ensure that Windows Hello authenticates users on Intel platforms quickly. We also made sure that the system could operate across a wide range of lighting environments”, says Fisher.

WiGig - Use a small dongle to connect your monitor, mouse, keyboard and printer wirelessly. If you think the video might lag, or be glitchy, I can assure you that you are wrong – it is surprisingly flawless.

Intel’s technology is a game changer and could largely replace traditional docking stations in the future.

Microsoft Edge - Microsofts new fast and stable browser.

Douglas W. Fisher shares, “the close collaboration between Intel and Microsoft engineers delivered new levels of responsiveness, performance and power efficiency to existing HTML5 and JavaScript applications. Such improvements were made possible by new platform features like Intel Speed Shift Technology, which dramatically improves responsiveness by dynamically managing power states.

inforgraphic - How Intel enhanced windows 10

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