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A night with The One Point - 'Devils Kitchen'

Posted on Nov 30, 2018.

The Smile Foundation has been reviving some of their fun early fundraising activities in celebration their 10 year Anniversary. Activities such as ‘Devils Kitchen’ which took place this past Wednesday at the Mercure Hotel in Willerby. The event that sees two local businesses, in this case 'The One Point vs. Nippon Gohsei', battle it out in the kitchen. 

All in all around half of The One Point team contributed to the overall success of the evening with staff from our Support Team, our Sales Team, our Finance Team and our Digital and Marketing Team all working together to deliver a VIP experience to our guests.

Devils Kitchen Event The One Point Foundation

The aim of the event is to raise funds for Smile Foundation along with any other charity or foundation that takes part in the event, so they can support other smaller charities that do good in the local area.  Funds were also raised for The One Point Foundation so that the Foundation can use the money to support the local community too.

Devils Kitchen Event The One Point Foundation

A lot of help from our staff and prep was needed for the event for decorating the tables, inviting our guests, planning a seating plan, planning music and entertainment. We provided all handmade table decorations for the event, made by staff at The One Point, making the tables look lovely.

Devils Kitchen Table Decorations The One Point Foundation

The two businesses that take part in the event are provided with 4 tables of 10 each (40 guests each in total), where our very own staff waited on the tables for the night. The businesses also have to choose a team to cook the 3 course meal in the kitchen, which the guests then rate each meal and donate the amount of money they think the meal is worth, leading to the winner of the night.

Devils Kitchen Martin Lauer The One Point Foundation

The event was a great success! Everyone had a great time, enjoying the food and entertainment, and everyone from The One Point that took part in setting up the event and working on the evening worked really hard and enjoyed every minute of it. The One Point Foundation love taking part in events such as these, as they embody what The One Point Foundation is really about; making memories and with fun and innovative events in order to raise funds and give back to the local area.

Congrats to Nippon Gohsei for your win!

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