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Announcing our new website!

Posted on May 27, 2014.

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The One Point are pleased to announce the launch of our new website and ecommerce shop, carrying over 26,000 technology products with Free Delivery. The fully functional new website in now live replacing our previous site.

Our new website features a new multi-platform friendly layout and the rebranding of The One Point Services with the clean, uncluttered and lively presentation of each of our extensive range of products and services. Our new look website aims to provide a more intuitive and interactive experience for our customers, a result of a lengthy process of team discussions and testing to ensure our customers have a clear route to find the content they need.

Along with our brand new look we are now able to offer a whole range of new ways for our customers to get in touch. We have social media integrated throughout the site and each product features a contact system for customers to receive direct answers to any enquiries. In addition we now have a live chat system available so expert help can be found when in need of information about anything from our product range.

Designing and building The One Point website has been a fun and exciting project for all involved and this is only just the beginning as we plan to launch our rebranded marketing campaign soon.

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