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Apple are soon to raise App Store prices

Posted on Jan 20, 2017.

The latest price increase owing to the weakness of the pound sees Apple raise app store prices by nearly a quarter for UK consumers.

The lowest priced app on the app store now is to rise from 79p to 99p but while this rise may seem small a more expensive app like a £7.99 game will soon cost £9.99. The increase in prices will also apply to in-app purchases.

apple app store

This price rise will make apps comparable to US pricing structure with apps starting at 99 cents.

Apple set their prices on a number of factors. These include currency exchange rates, business practices, taxes and the cost of doing business.

Apple has said that the factors vary from region to region over time.

Apple is responding to some of the significant currency fluctuations in reaction to the Brexit vote. It was a more predicted by analysts that prices would increase on the app store.

Other recent price increases have been seen with an increase in iPhone and iPad prices in September last year and an increase in mac prices last year.

Apple will join Microsoft, Dell, HP and many more tech companies that have raised their prices to reflect the fall in sterling.

the price change will take place in late January giving consumers a short opportunity to beat the prices.

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