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These five Apple Watch apps could take your fitness tracking to the next level

Posted on Apr 08, 2016.

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Tracking health and fitness may not be the main reason for purchasing an Apple Watch but health conscious wearers are finding the benefits of getting these apps on their wrists are helping them keep track of their health and fitness habits in a significant way. What's more, they are designed to work well with the wearer's existing apple products for a seamless experience.

Apple Watch Health

Here are three apps that go beyond the preinstalled capabilities to help you take care of body and mind:

My Fitness pal

A free app that has been widely popular on smartphones for some time now offers easy to digest information on the wrist too. Log what has been eaten that day with just a few taps and even scan the barcodes of foods in your meal plan for a full breakdown of its nutritional content.


Lark has well established itself as an iOS staple for health tracking over several years. Larks free Apple Watch version takes notice of user habits, like what time you came home last night or what time you finished browsing the internet and factors this into to suggestions and status of your overall health.


See everything you need to know about your workout right on your wrist with Runtastic Pro as well as a virtual coach in your ear feature telling you when it’s time to speed up and how far you have to go.

Water Minder

Offering a gentle nudge to increase your water intake, then try WaterMinder to keep a running tab on how many glasses you are drinking each day. it will let you know if you're falling behind on your goals.

3 Minute Mindfulness

If you need to fit in meditation but are struggling to find the time consider 3 Minute Mindfulness. This Free app will help you focus on three-minute breathing exercises to help get you in the right frame of mind for whatever maybe ahead.

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