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Are you prepared for Remote Working to continue?

Posted on Aug 05, 2020.

New research from security organisation, Zscaler, has found 48% of respondents throughout Europe expect remote working numbers to grow between 25% and 50% in the next year.

UK workers from across the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and Netherlands, were interviewed as part of this study which revealed many British businesses now believe they need to focus on improving their security measures to allow safe remote working.

This shift in thinking where remote working becomes much more normal as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic will require businesses to think in new ways. They will have to consider adapting permanently to accommodate new ways of working and improve their security and technology measures to do so.

As part of the study, Zscaler also found that 34% of UK businesses are now considering new security solutions in order to support the growing remote workforce's requirements.

Unfortunately, only 45% of those who took part in the study disclosed that they felt confident that they have secure remote access infrastructure that would be able to support them to continue to remote work.

Ismail Elmas, General Manager & VP EMEA, Zscaler, said:

"Despite much talk throughout lockdown around remote working becoming the new normal, it appears that there are different attitudes to this across Europe,"

"Whilst German businesses seem to be most keen to increase remote worker numbers, other nations are more hesitant. It's worrying that less than half of respondents across the UK, France and Italy are confident in the security of their current remote access infrastructure, but a promising number of companies are re-evaluating their current set-up. Businesses have identified that there's a lot of work to be done to update their infrastructure, even if the growth in remote worker numbers may be more modest than we've anticipated."

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