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Bash is coming to Windows in Summer Anniversary update

Posted on Mar 31, 2016.

For the first time, Windows users will be able to run Bash Shell right from their Windows machine, meaning it will be possible to use command-line in the same way as Linux or Mac users. The announcement was made during this week's Microsoft Build 2016 Keynote and will be available to users following the Summer Anniversary update to Windows.

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Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo said "This is not a VM. This is not cross-compiled tools. This is native," he said. "We've partnered with Canonical to offer this great experience, which you'll be able to download right from the Windows Store.”.

Until now Windows users wanting to run the Bash shell have had to rely on third party tools but this direct partnership with Canonical will allow more convenience and flexibility than previously experienced.

This move reaches out to Linux users in a way that Microsoft has not done before and is representing their refreshed stance on the development of open-source software. Further teasers were given with a more coming soon message signaling that there could be much more to follow as Microsoft explores possibilities of further opening up windows to developers that want to use Linux tools.

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