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Blackberry to release first ever Android Phone and updates for BB10

Posted on Sep 30, 2015.

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Blackberry have announced their first ever Android phone the ‘Priv’. BlackBerry described this as a "flagship handheld device that will run on the Android operating system with BlackBerry security".

Blackberry Priv

A first for Blackberry who have so far only released phones using their proprietary operating systems.

BlackBerry said:

"In combination with BlackBerry's efforts to support Android for Work on the BES12 platform, the new device will offer best in class security for enterprise customers. BlackBerry expects the device to be available late in the calendar year in major markets in-store and online, and will release further details in the coming weeks."

Alongside this announcement blackberry have confirmed they will continue to maintain t’s BB10 platform with security updates.

Security & privacy focused platform updates for BB10 can be expected in March 2016.

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