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Boost your productivity with these iPhone/iPad notification centre widgets

Posted on Oct 21, 2015.

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Since the introduction of Notification Center widgets by Apple, part of last years iOS 8, the notifications center has widley expaned it's usefulness from a short list of weather and stock option widgets to a much larger list of 3rd party apps providing an acompaniying widget. These new widgets can let update anything from your calander entries to social accounts right from your notification center.   Lets take a look at some of the best apps for boosting your productivity:   Evernote - This widely know app for note taking and note sharing allows for shortcuts to appear in the notification center to drop a quick note, view your to-do list, take a picture, set a reminder and more.  

  Favourite Contacts Launcher**- Use the one-tap WhatsApp function to quickly contact your friends, used just as easily for FaceTime too.   Fantastical 2 -** A calendar and reminders app that stands out from crowd with its functional and pretty addition to your notification centre with functions to overview your calendar, set reminders and make changes right from notifications centre itself.  

  PCalc - If math and equations are important to your workflow then PCalc can offer quick notification center access to calculator functions as well as providing support for unity conversions, scientific notations, binary calculations and more.   24ms Smart Personal Assistant - Automate your calendar, to-do list, notes and social apps. The focus of this app is placed on accessing your widgets in a hurry and after syncing accounts this can allow you to automatically respond to family alerts, bill payments and more.

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