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Boss Behind Bars Today - Help Him Raise Bail Today!

Posted on Oct 27, 2010.

Help!  I'm being put on trial and it is looking very likely that I will serve a custodial sentence at Her Majesty’s Prison here in Hull, joined by other top local bosses from Hull & East Yorkshire.

My passport has been confiscated and my E-Fit has been distributed to Humberside Police & UK Boarder agencies, I am preparing for a full day’s stay in prison but I need your help to raise bail to be released.

My trial will take place at the old law courts in Hull’s Guildhall, where among other things I will be tried for “supporting charity” and other offences put forward by my colleagues will also be heard.

 Please support me in raising my bail to be released all funds raised will not only gain me my release but support the great work of the KCFM Smile Foundation who help to give a voice and stronger foundation to charitable organisations such as Downright Special and House of Light visit to find out more.








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