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Chrome's decision to disable Flash by the end of the year is a win-win for users

Posted on Aug 15, 2016.

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Later this year the final nail will be added to Adobe Flash's coffin as Google announce their decision to block Flash in their Chrome browser.

The process will begin this September starting by de-emphasizing Flash and then finally they will be blocking Flash in December. Changes will be delivered by standard Chrome upgrade. During this time website owners and managers whose websites have Flash elements will have an opportunity to update their websites to meet modern standards so their visitors can still easily access their content after the block.

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For those websites still built entirely in Flash (thankfully a dying breed) their visitors will still be able to browse these websites and will be prompted to download a plugin to do so.

The reasons for the decisions are familiar. HTML 5, the replacement of Flash, is cited by Google as being “lighter and faster” for loading websites. Not only this but it is less power hungry that Flash and more secure. These views echo those of Apple who have previously voiced a strong dislike of Flash.

It was not so long ago that Flash Websites were regarded as the epitome of cutting edge web development and used as the primary tool for delivering interactivity and animation to the page. Nowadays Flash for these purposes has been replaced as a result of the maturation of key web technologies and programming languages.

When Flash is used it is rarely seen and relied on for data and statistical purposes for which there are better more efficient alternatives like Google Analytics. Worse still security vulnerabilities have been exposed where Flash can be exploited to allow ransomware to be installed.

So it seems Flash has now completely outlived its usefulness and will soon have no place on our systems at all.

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