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Could the Recent Cold Snap be Draining Your Smartphone Battery?

Posted on Jan 21, 2016.

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You may have noticed your battery has been draining more quickly recently and the reason might surprise you. It turns out Smartphone drain power faster in icy conditions.

Temperatures across Britain have plunged as low as -12C (10F) this winter and as most smartphones are powered by lithium ion batteries, which work harder as the temperature drops, their ability stay efficient is reduced and power drains quickly. Some devices are so susceptible they can lose power in half the time once the temperature drops below zero in comparison with a performance at a 21C (70F) room temperature.

Women, who tend to keep their phones in their handbags tend to fare worse than men who tend to keep phones in their pockets essential using their own bodies as a heat source.

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The problem in only temporary thankfully and the battery performance will turn to normal once back in a room temperature environment. However do watch out for super cold temperatures of -20F (-4F) where operating a phone could cause permanent damage. So if the weather does get a whole lot colder this winter or if you happening to be traveling to an area a bit more extreme be aware your smartphone may switch off and should not be switched back on again until you find a warmer environment.

It’s not only the battery that might perform badly in cold conditions as phones with LCD displays also may leave a faint impression from images and text after they have been read and colours may appear smudged.

To help keep your smartphones running smoothly in colder weather is best to use a case as the extra insulation provides protection against sudden temperature drops.

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