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Five things to know if your considering buying the Blackberry Priv

Posted on Nov 12, 2015.

The Blackberry Priv was introduced by Blackberry last month as their first Android Smartphone. An unexpected move leaving many doubtful about the reintroduction of features long forgotten. This post takes a look at some of the features you will be interested to know if you are considering upgrading to a Priv.

Practical Keyboard Design

Many past blackberry users gave up their keyboards long ago and few have looked back after other features in Smartphones advanced while Blackberry seemed to lag behind. Back in it’s payday however Blackberry did offer an unbeatable keyboard experience and this same level of usability is part of the blackberry Priv model alongside more up to date features.

Its special shaped keys and backlit keyboard make for a more comfortable experience that it’s glass screen counterparts so the Priv suits anyone needing to work for long stretches using their phone.

Great Specs

A snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of Ram and 2k ambled display with 3410mAh battery means this phone is overall a phone that will make you happy if you are excited by a phones spec sheet. Also it’s great to hold and the slide out keyboard is a long way from the big and bulky keyboards of similar, older models.

Decent Camera

The bar for camera features has been raised significantly with some of the latest phone models on the market and while Blackberry Priv can’t compete to take the top spit it still performs pretty well with its 18mp rear sensor that does a pretty good job of focusing with reasonable low light performance. Problems arise with time delay between tapping the capture button and the shot being taken and its real weakness lies in its front 2mp front sensor that struggles to perform in low light.

Security and Privacy are Key

Blackberry are serious about security and privacy and see this as a key seeing point of their phones, it certainly features in their adverts as a prominent feature. They have made some big claims to people who care about Data-rest and data-transit. This puts them at a significant advantage against many other Android phones that can’t or won’t introduce these features.


Blackberry Priv

It’s More Expensive

There is a sharp price difference between the Priv and other typical Android devices which of course accommodates the features like a sliding keyboard - while still feeling light in your hand - and the extra cost of security benefits.

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