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Data only sim offers

Posted on Dec 05, 2011.

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The One Point are now proud to offer Data only sims that actually work for users. As you know, tablets work great on the internet when you have access to WiFi and the device is connected to an internet connection.

If you go outside the wireless network you can't access the internet for browsing, emails, or anything that relies on an internet connection.

We have done research into what amount of data people use per month when they have access to WiFi 85% of the time. The other 15% of the time is when people are out of the home or office in meeting, with friends or travelling.

In general PAYGO data only sims need to be topped up every month regardless of what data you may have left on them. For example you cvould pay £10 for 1Gb of data to find your having to top it up because 30 days have passed. This can be frustrating if you have 500Mb left still to use, and so this prompted The One Point to create a  package that benefited this type of user.

The One Point's PAYGO data only sim offer is 1Gb for £15 that last 60 days!

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