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David Carr adds book number 3 to his growing collection

Posted on Jan 10, 2022.

Our Principal Software Architect and ERP Specialist, David Carr, has published his 3rd book in a growing collection of technical PHP guides.

This latest work, titled ‘Laravel: The Modular Way’ is now available to buy and has received great feedback from its first readers in the technical community.

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The book aims to teach established Laraval framework developers how to use the platform to build efficient, scalable and clean code using a modular method of system architecture.

This coding style is an approach David has long taken with The One CRM. As an active participant in the web development community, David is a big believer in lifting others by sharing knowledge and giving support.

Davids book collection

David took his first steps on the way to becoming a published author back in November 2017, when Packt first approached him. The publisher is known in the tech industry for its technical guides that teach a wide selection of programming languages.

david's first book

This contact led to him co-authoring his first book ‘Beginning PHP’, which helped those new to the programming language gain a robust foundational understanding of the fundamentals.

david's 2nd book

A year later, David co-authored his 2nd book ‘The PHP Workshop’ again with Packt. This book served as a coding guide that teaches practical hands-on examples of getting the most out of PHP.

David’s third book sees him taking on a whole new challenge as the single author for the work.

We asked him what’s next, and David replied, “I have appreciated the support from The One Point and from the development community so much, it has really motivated me to keep going. So with that in mind my next book is going to teach how to build a SaaS application with Laravel from the ground up.”

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