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David Carr becomes Packt published author

Posted on Aug 16, 2018.

Our Senior Software Architect and ERP Specialist David Carr is now a published author of the book Beginning PHP. A coding guide teaching the principles of PHP and how they can be applied to web application development.

David took his first steps on the way to becoming a published author back in November 2017 when he was first approached by Packt. A publisher highly regarded in the tech industry for the quality of their technical guides that teach a wide selection of programming languages.

The opportunity to be a published author of a PHP book was of great interest to David who has always a had a great passion for web development. Whether it be leading The One Point Digital team, talking at local code meetups, teaching children code skills in the classroom or running online code courses David can almost always be found to be helping others build web development skills.

David said, “I'm really happy to have gone through the process of writing the book, it's not easy but seeing the end result makes it all worthwhile”.

David’s newly published book Beginning PHP is now available on Amazon in print or ebook format.

This book was co-authored by David Carr and Markus Gray.

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