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David Carr completes the One Million Step Challenge

Posted on Sep 24, 2019.

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Huge congratulations to Principal Software Architect, David Carr, for completing the One Million Step Challenge!

David has been taking part in the One Million Step Challenge for the past few months to raise funds for Diabetes UK.

He has now surpassed one million steps, having reached a total of 1,000,412, and plans to continue taking part in this challenge until the end of October.

“I’m taking part in the One Million Step Challenge to support people affected by diabetes. I’ve not been very active recently, but this is a cause I want to support and be more active at the same time.”

One million steps is actually like running 19 marathons!

David has so far managed to raise a fantastic £142.48 for Diabetes UK!

“There are 4.7 million people living with diabetes in the UK, the complications of which lead to over 500 premature deaths every week. So, I’m stepping towards a healthier me, and a better future for people living with diabetes.”

Because David is continuing with this challenge until the end of October, you can still donate to help his cause by clicking here.

Again, huge congratulations David from everyone at The One Point!


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