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David Carr talks Microsoft Graph API at CodePen

Posted on Nov 13, 2018.

We were out in support of David Carr last night as he spoke at the C4DI CodePen Hull, a meetup up for local developers. David our Senior Software Architect presented to fellow developers all about his experiences working with Microsoft Graph API which is a single unified REST API to access the full Microsoft suite.

David described how to make use of the functionality as well as providing a demo of the API in action where he showcased a small sample of what could be accomplished. This included management of to-do’s as well as monitoring and reading emails.

It was through David’s work as Lead Developer of The One CRM that David began to work with Graph API and discovered it’s potential to help him introduce features that help solve day to day problems that improved access to Outlook emails, calendars and files in OneDrive.

The talk was the 2nd given by David at a Codepen Hull meetup. David has been a keen supporter of CodePen Hull since its beginnings in late 2016 and plans to continue sharing further insights with the local development community.

Alongside David were speakers from Sauce, Amalia Dan, Clarkema and Hull CSS also sharing their work and discussing interesting topics with the community.

To learn more about David's Laravel Package read Laravel Package MsGraph

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