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Dependable connectivity with 5G and Fixed IP

Posted on Jun 24, 2021.

Our 5G and fixed IP services are helping businesses stay secure and connected wherever they need to work.

Changing the face of what you can expect from your business mobile and transforming how your buisiness can use connectivity technologies to get the best value.

Benefits of 5G

Devices running on 5G can now take advantage of many benefits this widespread technology - rolled out across the UK in more places than ever before.

How 5G will help your business  : The One Point Business Mobile

The adoption of 5G has been connecting businesses to opportunities such as:

Faster speeds - An increase in speed improves the whole mobile experience. Whether you're video chatting on a train or sending large files over email on the go, you can trust 5G to let you work without boundries will know that your network will not be what’s holding you back.

More responsive - The lower latency of 5G means users can depend on their devices for critical business meetings and tasks. Even with demanding applications such as VR. It’s a technological advancement that is genuinely making the world safer and smaller. Businesses of all kinds are finding ways to innovate, boosted by 5G.

Better network capacity - With 5G, you can be part of the moment. By design, the technology can withstand thousands of people in the same place. Connectivity of 5G is brininging the power of digital transofrmation to the UK. As the world returns to normal, demand on networks will increase, and with 5G, you can keep the pace.

To see whether 5G has arrived in your area, visit the O2 coverage checker.

Benefits of Fixed IP

An IP address is an identifier giving you a location on the internet, and you will be assigned one each time you log on.

A static IP address means that your IP will stay the same instead of getting a different IP address each time you log on to the internet.

A static IP is valuable if you run a server from within your home or set up remote access from another location to your home PC.

Fixed IP brings security and accesibility benefits to businesses : The One Point Business Mobiles

Additional benefits of a static IP:

Manage remote data - A Fixed IP address enables inbound internet connections for secure M2M remote management, monitoring and control. A big part of the appeal of 5G is the ability to push forward digital transformation in new innovative ways previoously possible. Fixed-IP SIMs allow your business to take quick action, so freeing up time becomes a direct benefit.

Authenticate your access - The Fixed IP address can be a helpful identifier enabling access to applications protected behind a firewall.

Keep workers safer - With a reduced need to have engineering teams on-site monitoring technology and data, dynamic working opportunities start to open up. A business can perform the same functions in potentially safer environments.

The technology you can trust

Choose 5G and Fixed IP to increase your peace of mind, knowing your business can trust its technology to stay safe and connected.

Locations for UK 5G coverage with O2 are increasing all the time. O2 have been working with partners to increase the capacity across the UK.

Our 5G and fixed IP services are just one area where we can help your business get faster, more connected and even save on costs.

Want to learn more?

Take a look at our connectivity services page for full details.

We offer 5G and Fixed IP connectivity services to deliver your business technology it can depend on.

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