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Digital transformation for the public sector, charities and schools

Posted on Jun 16, 2020.

At The One Point, we offer products and services to help put digital at the heart of organisations operating in the public sector, charity sector and within schools.

Often these are the organisations facing the toughest climates, operating in sectors presenting unique challenges. At The One Point, we are equipped to help organisations thrive when faced with these challenges, offering advice on how to work smarter and do more with less.

Working with The One Point provides organisations with access to specialised prices for products and services in Managed IT, Mobile and Telecoms. Also, gain access to free services.

We can help you grow:

We partner with organisations such as O2 and Microsoft to deliver to you simple, scalable and affordable solutions.

We can help you get more done:

Use innovative tools to get closer to communities and meet their growing demands.

Keep employees safe with smartphones, tablets and apps when delivering front line services and support them to be more productive by letting them work where and when they want to.

We can help you meet security standards and regulations:

Working with O2, the UK's only CAS(T) government-certified mobile and WAN provider, means you can count on secure connections on fixed and mobile networks.

Keep employees and volunteers cyber aware with the essential security information they need to stay safe, keep your organisations safe and keep private company data out of the wrong hands.

Feel assured that we are meeting the latest government requirements by following an approved CESG procurement path.

Contact our team to get more information about specialised solutions and pricing for the public sector, charity sector and schools.

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