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Don't lose customers because of a data breach

Posted on Nov 13, 2018.

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In the past year, data protection has become something at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With big data breaches such as the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook snafu and the Google+ leak dominating the headlines in 2018, it’s not difficult to see why the worry about how well our personal information is being protected by online brands/websites.

Ping Identity have recently conducted a survey of over 3000 people across the UK, U.S., France and Germany, to find out what their behaviour surrounded data protection is and how this could be affecting your business. They found that around 21% of people have experienced a data breach at some point in their life, and as a result of this 78% of people said they would stop engaging with a brand online if they had experienced a data breach. 

It is evident that more people are making drastic changes to how they share their personal data in the hopes of avoiding being a victim of a security breach. However, the survey has also shown that people under the age of 35 are more likely to trust an online brand with their information, whereas people over the age of 55 are a lot more cautious with their personal information. 

The above data shows that a business can expect an immense loss of customers if a data breach was to occur under their watch, so what can a business do to avoid this happening? The One Point offers a free IT Security Audit in order to help a business become as secure as possible when dealing with customers information, ensuring its future success. Customers do not want to pay any money to ensure their personal information is secure, that responsibility falls on the business itself as the customer is trusting you with delicate information, so ensuring your company can offer the most secure form of data protection compared to other businesses is vital.

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