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Dropbox Pro huge storage increase & new features

Posted on Aug 29, 2014.

Dropbox has announced changes to their pro package will be changed to a single plan that stays at £7.99/month, but now comes with 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space. For existing Dropbox pro customers the price will remain the same but their storage will increase x 10. For instance I have 200GB of storage this upgrade means I'll have 2TB of storage at no extra cost.

This is really good news, Dropbox its a great service for cloud storage. With cloud storage you can access your files from anywhere including apps on your smart phone & tablets. 

We we build web applications/websites we work from Dropbox, in the event of a problem with any changes we can rollback to an previous version incredibly easy. That can save hours of work if we had to do that manually.

Dropbox has mentioned the following features will be introduced:

New Sharing Controls

Sharing Links Password - When sharing links to documents on your Dropbox you can now password protect the link so only authorized people can access the link. This added an extra layer of security a welcomed addition.

Expire Shared Links - Links can now have a set time before they expire, after that time period the link expired and stops.

Ready Only Permissions for shared folders - Gives you the ability to set files within a shared folder to be ready only or editable. Useful for sharing documents to others with the peace of mind knowing they cannot modify them.

Extra Security

Remote Wipe - Dropbox can installed on multiple computers and mobiles/tablets, the remote wipe allows the data to be deleted from any device while keeping the data on Dropbox. For example, if you have your Dropbox data on a laptop and it's stolen you can remotely wipe the data in the Dropbox folder as long as that laptop has internet access.

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